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Sometimes I see people yelling that their NOTP gets more attention and that people who ship their NOTP are awful and I'm just kinda

1) chill out

2) one time i had to listen to someone talk about my notp for TWO FUCKING HOURS come at me with that shit when someone's telling you about their smutty notp fic MUTLIPLE TIMES in PUBLIC.
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How does one overcome embarrassment for like. drawing and writing what you wanna write. I know some people who can flat out throw their ocs around or design the most self-indulgent stuff and im here with a blank window going "but....should u really draw ur horrible trash baby fave" 

and its just

brain pls
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if anyone is interested my last entry was meant to be a lot longer and more in-depth and actually talking about some comments i'd seen (seriously, dont call people tubs of lard, thats nasty) but then there was an assault outside my house and i couldn't be bothered to finish it on account of having to call the police and interact with the police to give a statement

so if anyone is interested in what my life is like

that's what it's like 
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I weigh between 13 1/2 to 14st depending on various things, like period incoming, sickness, all that jazz. I'm overweight enough to fall into obese so my doc recommended that I lose some weight. And tbh, fair enough, I already have a heart problem so packing on pounds isn't going to help me in the long run. So, I joined a gym, went swimming (at least until i realised that swimming was REALLY FUCKING HARD to get to) and have generally been trying to eat better/try more exercises.

So far, that's been going well. I'm a pretty stable weight, I've been eating more fruit and veg, less chocolate, trying to cut back on pizza (but god, i love pizza). I'm definitely not as fit or strong as I was when I was 16-18, but I'm happy with my progress.

Only downside is, going into the fitness bits of youtube, trying to find fun meals and exercises to try is an EXERCISE in testing my patience. I sometimes wanna take these people by the shoulders, gently sit them down and just like. Have u ever interacted with a human person that eats human food before. have u seen a body before. do u know where u are.
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I started reading darkfic again and I'm so happy

It was for a fandom that I like. have gently dipped my toes in but never really got around to finsihing, but there was some good fanart and the fic was like. VIOLENTLY cathartic. It was a breath of fresh air.

I dont really like writing darkfics because I'm a huge weenie, but dang, reading them sent my tiny heart soaring 
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 The real reason Demise has to go to Hylia's Realm to get his ass kicked is because if he stayed in Hyrule, a load of demons would eventually come to bother him. It would be less of a duel to the death and more of a "HEY DEMISE WHO'S YOUR NEW BOYFRIEND" 

I kinda think that we've never met an 'adult' demon in a zelda game because they're all such horrible shitbabies. I dont know if its worse that none of them are adults or worse if all of them are adults. The Zelda series is a story about teenagers and children kicking the shit out of each other, and at the end the closest thing to an adult comes along. 

Fairy God

Jul. 2nd, 2017 03:06 am
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I need to re-play/watch SS and BotW but like

I'm reasonably certain you could make an argument for Hylia being some sort of weird fairy, or at least associated with fairies

She has three statues in 'springs', Zelda describes her as "a fairy or a goddess", and when her statue falls to the sacred grounds in SS, the fairy fountain theme starts to play. So yeah, I could see Hylia being a weird fairy variant. 

I need to doodle all my Hylia concepts one day.



Nov. 9th, 2016 06:04 pm
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how the hecko do you use dreamwidth

i kinda wanna post somewhere more often
but also no

because i am lazy and can't be bothered


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